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CROSSROADS RABBITRY is a large commercial rabbitry.  The production farm is USDA approved and specializes in breeding and raising Purebreed New Zealand White rabbits. These are not show rabbits. Our stock are bred and raised on a commercial level.  Our rabbits are sold to other growers, universities, research facilities, diagnostic centers, pet stores and commercial meat processors. We are able to fill large orders year-around, as we house thousands of rabbits. The commercial rabbitry is nestled on 100 acres in the foothills of the Cheaha and Kentuck Mountains in Heflin, Alabama. The view from the front porch is actually breathtaking.  A person can see mountain top after mountain top for 75 miles.

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New Zealand White Rabbits, in our personal opinion, are just better commercial producers and it is our goal to bring you the highest quality of rabbits.



Our New Zealand White Rabbits are humanely grown in a low stress environment, without the use of any drugs, antibiotics, hormones, or artificial growth stimulants.

They are fed an all natural feed of the highest quality with no animal by-products.  Having a healthy herd, we never have to use any chemical medications.

Our breeder stock is selected for fast growth and heavy weaning weights.  Our bucks are selected and bred for their stamina, aggressiveness, heat tolerance and high litter production numbers. Our does are selected for having strong maternal traits; such as producing large and healthy litters, having good milk production, being good nest-builders, and raising out high percentages.

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Rabbit meat is an all white meat and is almost cholesterol free.  It is also low in sodium and therefore very heart patient friendly. New Zealand White Rabbits have the highest meat to bone ratio and the U.S. Department of Agriculture has stated that RABBIT IS THE MOST NUTRITIOUS MEAT KNOWN TO MAN. 


Some readers may cringe at the thought of this site discussing rabbits used for meat or medical research.  By no means is it our intention to offend anyone. Believe it or not, here at Crossroads Rabbitry, we are animal lovers.  However, with rabbit meat being the healthiest meat known to man and the ability of New Zealand White rabbits being able to reproduce so quickly, they are in high demand by the rest of the world.  This global demand is present due to the growing population and so many countries having people that are starving.  Also and thankfully, there are researchers who are constantly trying to find medicines or cures to combat illnesses for us all.

Crossroads Rabbitry Interior Building

The blood of a New Zealand White rabbit, when cleaned, is close to that of a human.  It is, therefore, used in medical laboratory work such as the production of antibodies for vaccines and research of human male reproductive system toxicology.  NZW rabbits are extremely valuable for studying the effects of chemicals or other stimuli on the male reproductive system.  NZW rabbits are also used for testing to produce vaccines that may help combat illnesses such as diabetes, cystic fibrosis, asthma, stroke prevention, tuberculosis, cancer, tumors and many heart diseases.

This wonderful breed of rabbit, the New Zealand White, not only helps feed millions of hungry people, but may actually hold the key one day to save millions of lives from disease and illnesses.  The New Zealand White Rabbit, because of its meat, fur, blood, fast growth and ability to reproduce so quickly, make it special above all other breeds.

At Crossroads Rabbitry, we always have excellent stock for sale; bucks and does, ages 5 weeks to 6 months old.  We are able to fill large orders year-around.  

We hope that you will find much of the following information on this rabbitry web site useful, but please note that it is a work in progress.  We will often add information from time to time to hopefully help you, so check back with us periodically.



My kids and I just love going out to the rabbitry and being able to see all of the rabbits

– Barbara Cline in GA

We’ve tried purchasing rabbits from other growers in the past but haven’t found another supplier who fulfills orders as timely and accurately as the good folks at Crossroads Rabbitry.

– Billy Laurence TN

My wife and I purchased our initial stock from Mack at Crossroads Rabbitry and have been very pleased with the results.  Our does are averaging 9 kits and our bucks always perform well.

Tom Sizemore MS

I’d like to say thank you to the staff at Crossoads Rabbitry. They went beyond the call of duty in answering all my questions and helped me start my own rabbitry.

Jim Stanton in Arkansas

The five does and 2 bucks we purchased from Crossroads have not let us down.  They’ve had several litters now and our herd is growing. I will definitely refer them to others.

Helen Rich, Duluth GA

My family and I visited other rabbitries before choosing to purchase our stock from Crossroads.  We were wanting to start raising rabbits to grow our own healthy food and possibly save money at the grocery store.  Compared to other rabbitries, we were impressed with their operation and the rabbits purchased have been great.  Thanks Again Mack!

Carl Simpson (Sarasota, FL)

Wow is all I can say! Crossroads has a lot of rabbits everywhere.  What ever size or age you need; they’ll have it. We purchased 20 does and 4 bucks.  It was great how they made sure none of the rabbits were related. They also sold us some of their feed to slowly change the rabbits over to ours.  Overall it was a great experience and we’re pleased with the outcome.

Don Anthony

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