Pasteurella aka (snuffles) in rabbits


A Healthy “Snuffles Free” Bunny

First off you must be aware that every rabbit has pasteurella…. as does every mammal (including humans) and many birds. Pasteurella is an “opportunistic” bacteria that lies dormant until the opportunity arises that it can grow.  Of the various manifestations of Pasteurella infection, the most well-known is called “Snuffles”.  Snuffles is considered to be the common cold of rabbits.  

Prepping Food – Pros and Cons of Raising Meat Rabbits

Picture of doe with babies

The Pros and Cons of Raising Meat Rabbits

Raising rabbits for their meat is not new, as there are many who have already been doing it for years in other parts of the world. Raising meat rabbits has helped so many families achieve better health and food security. As a result this trend has recently begun gaining a great deal of interest – here in the United States.

Four Tips for Weatherproofing Your Rabbit Hutch

DIY Rabbit Hutch

DIY Rabbit Hutch. Courtesy of Backwoods Mama.

Raising rabbits can be both fun and tedious. It does, however, take a lot of caring and consideration to grow healthy rabbits. This is especially true during extreme temperature changes. In the United States for instance where the cold temperature can get near or below freezing and where hot weather can be equally unbearable, growing rabbits outdoors can be challenging. 

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