Rabbit Meat – the Other White Meat?

Rabbit Meat Nutrition - CholesterolEating rabbits is not a new concept, in fact people have been eating this meat for centuries.  As far back as when food source was from hunting only, rabbits were always available.  It was during the Depression that rabbit meat became the option that kept many from starving.  Believe it or not, rabbits are a great meat producer for homesteaders and even businesses.  Raising rabbits for meat is coming back, because they are discovering so many benefits to the meat and the ease at which it is to produce.

Every Rabbit Eats Lettuce, Right?

Image of rabbit eating lettuce.

Be Careful about Feeding Your Rabbits Lettuce. Image by Berit Watkin.

Every Rabbit Eats Lettuce, Right?  

From the beginning of time we have seen pictures of rabbits munching on lettuce, even found in gardens munching away in the lettuce patch.  Many make the assumption that all lettuce leaves are made equal and should be safe for these little vegetarians. 

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