Three Differences between Florida White Rabbits and NZW Rabbits

History of New Zealand White Rabbits

A New Zealand White Rabbit

Many farmers and would–be breeders are bewildered by these two breeds of rabbits, the problem being their very close resemblance to each other. They have major similarities, one being that they both have New Zealand ancestry and a developmental connection. Most farmers have actually confessed to not being able to tell the two breeds apart even after spending weeks around the animals. The two breeds grow up looking the same but as they develop, you can clearly tell the distinctions. Here are ways in which you can tell the difference.

How To Harvest Rabbit Manure

Image of rabbit manure

Rabbit Manure: The Perfect Fertilizer

If you raise rabbits, you may or may not know that you can make money by harvesting rabbit manure. Rabbit droppings are a great source of income for small farms and homesteaders. You can take something that you are already producing and turn it into a profitable resource! If you’re wondering how to harvest rabbit manure and turn it into a cash crop, read on.

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