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Why the Health Conscious are Turning to Rabbit Meat

English: Entrance to a rabbit warren.

English: Entrance to a rabbit warren. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even though most animals that fit in the ‘game’ category lend themselves to the strong flavors associated with dark meat, rabbit is considered a white meat along with pork and the breasts of poultry.  The nutritional elements and the exotic dishes to be cooked with rabbit have created a resurgence in cooking with it in the United States.

Historically, rabbit has been a traditional dish in Europe.  France and its famous culinary magic, is the country that consumes more rabbit meat than any other nation.  Italy, too, known for its rich and flavorful sauces, has had a long love affair with the rabbit.

Rabbit Meat – the Other White Meat?

Rabbit Meat Nutrition - CholesterolEating rabbits is not a new concept, in fact people have been eating this meat for centuries.  As far back as when food source was from hunting only, rabbits were always available.  It was during the Depression that rabbit meat became the option that kept many from starving.  Believe it or not, rabbits are a great meat producer for homesteaders and even businesses.  Raising rabbits for meat is coming back, because they are discovering so many benefits to the meat and the ease at which it is to produce.

Prepping Food – Pros and Cons of Raising Meat Rabbits

Picture of doe with babies

The Pros and Cons of Raising Meat Rabbits

Raising rabbits for their meat is not new, as there are many who have already been doing it for years in other parts of the world. Raising meat rabbits has helped so many families achieve better health and food security. As a result this trend has recently begun gaining a great deal of interest – here in the United States.

Five Reasons to Consider Raising Meat Rabbits

Nutritional Facts - NZW Rabbits

Raising Rabbits for Meat.

While raising rabbits for meat is probably not what you had in mind when it comes to making dinner; did you know that meat rabbits provide five benefits that you don’t get with other livestock options?  It’s true, raising rabbits can be one of the best food choices that you can make for your home and family. Continue reading to find out why more and more people are beginning to raise rabbits in their backyard as a healthy source of protein for their families.

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