Rabbit Behavior

Rabbitry Owners: Using Body Language to Assess Your Rabbits Health

Rabbitry Health

Using Body Language to Assess the Health of Your Rabbits

As a current or prospective rabbitry owner it is vital that you understand the cues that your rabbits use to communicate with the outside world. That’s because rabbits are always communicating.  Communication is critical to a rabbit’s survival and even homestead rabbits still display the same behavior as their wild counterparts.  Every part of a rabbit’s body is used to communicate with others in the warren. 

Rabbit Myths

Picture of doe with babies

I’m sure you’ve talked to other people about rabbits and have heard many things about them.  Some of these things may be just myths and not actually true.  Here are a few rabbit myths …….


Rabbit Behavior

Picture of NZW rabbit and her babies.


Rabbits have some very strange ways of communicating. Their body language can mean different things depending on the situation. Below are some explanations to help you understand what your rabbit may be trying to tell you….


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