How To Harvest Rabbit Manure

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Rabbit Manure: The Perfect Fertilizer

If you raise rabbits, you may or may not know that you can make money by harvesting rabbit manure. Rabbit droppings are a great source of income for small farms and homesteaders. You can take something that you are already producing and turn it into a profitable resource! If you’re wondering how to harvest rabbit manure and turn it into a cash crop, read on.

With the economic downturn it’s become even more important for farmers, homesteaders, and more to make the most of already present resources. Many people do not know that rabbit manure is actually highly sought after when it comes to gardening and growing food! This is because the manure from rabbits has the highest nitrogen levels out of any animal manures and also contains micro-nutrients, phosphorus, potassium, and many other minerals. However, it can be put into or on top of soil right away and will not burn the plant roots or damage it at all.

Why Rabbit Manure?

Rabbit manure is great for gardening because it has high amounts of organic matter which ensures that soil structure, drainage, and moisture retention improves, as will plant growth, reduced plant stress, reduced disease.

Worms, insects, and animals get some extra food to turn into light, nutrient-rich soil. Best of all, this manure is dry and doesn’t smell. This means that it’s easy to package and there’s a market for it, with the home gardening resurgence and nurseries and gardeners as well as farmers out there.

Techniques for Harvesting Rabbit Manure

When it comes to harvesting the manure, there are different techniques you can try. You may want to apply a product such as WoodyPet to the droppings. This will keep them from smelling (great for indoor breeders/rabbit owners) and can also be used for gardening without issue. Or you could place a bin full of worms under a wire cage lining and let the worms do the work for you and sell the resulting rich compost!

Lastly, you can pile the droppings outside and wait for them to compost naturally, which is also a good idea since all animals with warm blood can carry E. coli and this will make sure it is safe for use. Approximately four months should do it. Farmers can also get inventive and steep manure in water and put into a sprayer; an automatic and easy product for home gardeners to take advantage of!

There are many ways to take advantage of rabbit manure and sell it at a profit. Selling small scale will net you more money at the end of the day. You can sell your manure in boxes, bags, whatever you prefer. You may even do well setting up a small delivery service where you arrange to deliver a certain amount of manure to a customer say every two weeks. Regardless of what you do, be sure to put up a sign and spread the word among friends and family and even update your website.

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