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Pricing NZW RabbitsThese are Quality Purebred New Zealand White Rabbits for sale at Crossroads Rabbitry.  We are USDA approved.  These are not show rabbits. Our stock are bred and raised on a commercial level.  Our rabbits are sold to other growers, universities, research facilities, diagnostic centers, pet stores and commercial meat processors.

Our stock bucks are selected and bred for their stamina, heat tolerance and high production numbers.  Our does are selected for having strong maternal traits; such as producing large and healthy litters, having good milk production, being good nest-builders, and raising out high percentages. Our stock averages around 9 kits per litter for us.

Prices are determined by the rabbits age, its weight and labor costs involved.  If you are interested in purchasing NZW stock, our prices are as follows:

  • $10.00  4 to 6 weeks old (just weaned).  Please note that recently weaned rabbits are very fragile and are prone to get diarrhea, as they are switching from milk to pellets.  They can also be very difficult to sex at this age.
  • $15.00  6 to 8 weeks old (this age can also be difficult to sex)
  • $20.00  8 to 10 weeks old
  • $25.00  10 to 14 weeks old
  • $30.00  14 to 16 weeks old
  • $35.00  16 to 18 weeks old
  • $40.00  5 to 6 months old (ready to breed) call for availability.
  • $50.00 to $100.00  Special Order Rabbits.  Price may vary depending on the selection, weight and age of the rabbit, cage separation, additional feed, delivery and labor costs etc. Discounts may be given for large orders.

Rabbit Manure (Sold by the tractor bucket load ). On average, 2 tractor bucket loads will fill a full size truck bed. 1 bucket load will fill up a small size truck bed.

  • $15.00   per tractor bucket load


The maximum number of rabbits that we can transport at one time is 1500. The maximum time that we can transport rabbits is 6 to 8 hours. We are able to transport the rabbits in an enclosed and air-conditioned environment. They can be transported in ventilated colony type cages or individual ventilated boxes. There will be a charge for deliveries.

SORRY, WE DO NO SHIPPING at Crossroads Rabbitry, but you can contact a company called PET AIR that specializes in transporting animals. Crossroads Rabbitry is not affiliated with this company in any way.  PET AIR can be contacted at 816-471-3852 or

Our Sales Policy:  Crossroads Rabbitry does reserve the right to refuse a sale at anytime for any reason.  A 50% deposit must be made to hold any rabbits. The deposit is non-refundable.   Rabbits must be picked up by the agreed date.  Deliveries can be made for large orders and a delivery fee.  

PLEASE NOTE:  In order for us to provide healthy and disease free New Zealand White rabbits, we maintain a CLOSED RABBITRY.  Potential buyers will, however, be able to view enough of the building’s interior to observe the rabbits and the conditions they live under.  We’re sorry, but no outside rabbits, dogs or cats may be brought onto the property.  Thank you for understanding.

THANK YOU for visiting the Crossroads Rabbitry web site; home of Quality New Zealand White Rabbits.

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