rabbit hutch

Four Tips for Weatherproofing Your Rabbit Hutch

DIY Rabbit Hutch

DIY Rabbit Hutch. Courtesy of Backwoods Mama.

Raising rabbits can be both fun and tedious. It does, however, take a lot of caring and consideration to grow healthy rabbits. This is especially true during extreme temperature changes. In the United States for instance where the cold temperature can get near or below freezing and where hot weather can be equally unbearable, growing rabbits outdoors can be challenging. 

Building a Rabbit Hutch

DIY Rabbit Hutch

Whether you want to be a successful rabbit breeder and decide to start your own commercial rabbitry or whether you’re just an ordinary person looking for a small furry animal to lighten up your day; your first and most important step to is to make sure that your rabbits are in good hands. This of course means, they need to have a good comfortable shelter.

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