Rabbitry Owners: Using Body Language to Assess Your Rabbits Health

Rabbitry Health

Using Body Language to Assess the Health of Your Rabbits

As a current or prospective rabbitry owner it is vital that you understand the cues that your rabbits use to communicate with the outside world. That’s because rabbits are always communicating.  Communication is critical to a rabbit’s survival and even homestead rabbits still display the same behavior as their wild counterparts.  Every part of a rabbit’s body is used to communicate with others in the warren. 

The Dangers of Amoxicillin Usage In Rabbits

Picture of rabbit at the vet

Can Rabbits Take Amoxicillin?

All antibiotics are created equal, right?  Amoxicillin is one of the most common ones used in veterinary practices, because of its proven ability to fight most bacteria.  It considered safe by veterinarians for a wide variety of animals. 

Four Tips for Weatherproofing Your Rabbit Hutch

DIY Rabbit Hutch

DIY Rabbit Hutch. Courtesy of Backwoods Mama.

Raising rabbits can be both fun and tedious. It does, however, take a lot of caring and consideration to grow healthy rabbits. This is especially true during extreme temperature changes. In the United States for instance where the cold temperature can get near or below freezing and where hot weather can be equally unbearable, growing rabbits outdoors can be challenging. 

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