Three Differences between Florida White Rabbits and NZW Rabbits

History of New Zealand White Rabbits

A New Zealand White Rabbit

Many farmers and would–be breeders are bewildered by these two breeds of rabbits, the problem being their very close resemblance to each other. They have major similarities, one being that they both have New Zealand ancestry and a developmental connection. Most farmers have actually confessed to not being able to tell the two breeds apart even after spending weeks around the animals. The two breeds grow up looking the same but as they develop, you can clearly tell the distinctions. Here are ways in which you can tell the difference.

Size Differences between Florida White Rabbits and NZWs

It is hard to differentiate these rabbits in terms of size when they are less than 4 months old. However, as they grow up, you notice a very distinct difference. While Florida Whites grow and peak after a certain duration of time, New Zealand Whites do not seem to stop growing. They keep at it until they reach between 8 and 10 pounds. Florida Whites only grow up to between 4 and 6 pounds and do not add any weight from that point. When these breeds are grown, it is very easy to determine the breed due to the size difference.

Florida White Rabbits and NZWs: Habitat Differences

As indicated earlier, New Zealand Whites grow up to a large size hence they need a bigger hutch space. You might notice their discomfort if you put a pair in a small cage. They will exhibit very superficial signs of discomfort and will look generally less active than their Florida White counterparts will. They may try to roam the sides of the cage in a bid to try to create the sense of space but in the normal sense, they feel and look trapped. Florida Whites do not need big cages as their size allows them to manage with very little wriggle room.

Florida White Rabbits and NZWs: Differences in Demeanor

This is a tricky one. Most farmers and rabbit owners point out that despite their size, the New Zealand Whites have a very calm demeanor and are very difficult to aggravate unless they are raising kittens. Florida Whites are gentle too, but some breeders point out that some tend to have a barely noticeable aggressive streak. However, sometimes the individual temperament in rabbits is not a good parameter for differentiating breeds.

The major indisputable difference between Florida White Rabbits and New Zealand White Rabbits is mostly their size, so you will be able to tell them apart in time. They are similar in many ways and are a great meat source but are also capable of being great as pets.

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